Thursday, January 6, 2011

Confessions of a Designer - I'm a Neutral Nelly

A very talented and lovely girl, Bryn, from Bryn Alexandra Interiors commented yesterday that she was a "Neutral Nelly".  My first thought was..."I bet she's going to say, you need to add color"...nope, she was just relishing in her love of neutrals.

I was so relieved to hear another designer admit that they are a "Neutral Nelly". As much as I love the brightly colored rooms and pops of orange or pink in design photos, they simply are not me. I love to put them in others' homes, but when it comes to mine, I always end up not liking it and sit there staring at it until it drives me batty and I end up putting it back to a neutral color. I love color in accessories or artwork more, and I use that as my inspiration, but keep my basics as neutral as possible.

For instance, my recent family room redesign was a great example. I of course had the neutral background, furniture and woodwork, but was in love with the painting my husband painted. So, I worked off of that, working in the greens and blues from the painting. Subtle, but a little brighter than I usually do in my home. The result? I liked it, loved the way it all pulled together and received so many compliments on it. BUT...I didn't LOVE it.  I was raised on a farm and my husband and I are used to ranch living, so this was just a little too modern for me. I decided that it was ok for me to go back to my love of leather, with a classical library feel, with a touch of fun added in to reflect our age and our children.  The result?...We just got in our new leather furniture and I'm estatic to work with it.

It feels like feels like I might just love it...and it's neutral...that's why this "Neutral Nelly" is loving it!

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  1. It's so funny. I find that I am more and more a neutral gal. I grew up with lots of color and lots of wallpaper. I must have an aversion to it now. I am drawn to the warm browns. I just bought a new couch that is butter cream. Love it.


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