Thursday, May 27, 2010

Into the Blue

When I first started with our kitchen remodel, my husband asked me what color I was going to put with the white. "Blue", I said. Of course as he rolled his eyes, but I could see the approval. No matter how much I try to veer away from it, blue always comes back into my life. I'm beginning to realize that I surround myself with the colors that I love, grey or greige and blues. They remind me of the sky, which is georgous where I live in the Rocky Mountains, so clear and bright; the water, which is one of my true loves, and that is a constant peace for me. White is also a true love for me, it is pure, wholesome, divine and you can literally run in any direction with it. So I'm running with it...and taking some blue with me, too.

This scale I picked up last month while antiquing with my mother in law, I love the old chippy paint of the blue scale and its natural patina was so beautiful to me. It set me back $6...and the man in the store, he gave me a card with a "hug" on it to pass on to others, that was a good day.  Right now its holding my napkins in my kitchen.

This bowl I scored at a garage sale a few weeks ago. It too has the same patina and chippy paint. This set me back $1. I'm a bargain nut, so this was right up my alley. I had no idea what I would do with it once I got it home, but I had a pretty good idea. For now its resting nicely on top of my fridge holding my linen tablecloths.

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Images: Ralph Lauren, My Picture (Scale), My Picture (Bowl)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kitchen Remodel Reveal

So I've promised pictures of our kitchen remodel and was finally able to get some pics...lets look at the before shall we? Don't be scared...we seen the potential...well, i think :)

Remember the marble tile we scored at a garage sale for $250? Thanks to my boss who owned a masonry company, he helped us cut and lay the tile...which I am forever grateful to. This was no small project since the dimensions of the countertop were all differnent and then at the end, leave it to me to decide to cut them all into subway tiles for the backsplash...oh yes, I did...and sometimes I'm still surprised my husband is still married to me after that one. So...a basic breakdown: We took the upper dividing cabinets out and took down the small wall to open up the space. Primed and painted the cabinets a soft white, the tile is an unmilled grey marble so its veining and pattern is all different, I love it, painted the hinges, changed out the hardware, changed out the top molding to a 4" crown thanks to my dad, Mr. Marvelous for that one, replaced the glass front cabinets above the stove, new faucets and added chandeliers that I'm so excited to tell you about, they were from a restored building out of Idaho Springs from the early 1900's and they were FREE...yes nada, zip did I pay for them. To sum it up...we did this remodel for about $700...yes you read right...$700... because we did so much sweat work into it and salvaged what we could. We're not planning on staying in this house for too many years, so this was great for now. You can view the cost breakdown HERE. Hope you like it!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Friday

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tea, Tulips and Bridal Showers

The table centerpieces...tulips and lemons, all cradled in a clear paint can. My first inspiration for the whole thing was a lemon.

I apologize for the shortage of posts lately, but I have been so busy planning a bridal shower for a great friend of mine, actuall I'm the maid of honor, so the pressure was on! When I started, I decided to go with a modern tea theme, with the colors of white, grey and yellow. My friend is very modern, so no pink and no "fru fru" as she put it could I use. After, a woman that is an interior designer asked me if she could recommend me to the church to help with their future wedding planning and set-up. I was honored, that someone would find something from little ol' me that amazing and told me that I have a "flair" with things...who would of thought! I was just happy that my friend loved it so much, because after all, it was her special day.

The table settings for the tables...
They included candles for the guests to take home with greenery wrapped in the napkins. The cards and coordinating pencils at the top of each setting were for one of the games.
I made the hearts on the tea bags from a heart paper punch and scrapbooking papers.

Me (on the left) and the bride to be.

The menu included angel food cake, strawberries, a homemade marshmellow and cream cheese topping for them. Egg salad and cucumber sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries of bride and grooms (thank you, Rhonda), a cookie bar, hot tea and lemonade. I had some suzanni type fabric at home with greys, white and I used that as runners on the tables. I needed more plate stands, so I made some with some .50 cent glass candlesticks from the thrift store and used clear glass plates in varying sizes on top purchased for $1.00 from the grocery store. Couldn't have done it without my friend Gorilla Glue! All the other plates, pitchers or items that I had lying around my house.

The drink table included condiments for the tea, and yes, even the cups had ribbon borders. A last minute detail that turned out beautifully.

The gift table...

She was having fun with the tissue poms I made.

Thank you, my dear friend, for allowing me to give you something special, that was so much fun for me to do and hope it was all you had dreamed of for your shower...

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Friday, May 7, 2010

I Really Do Love My Dress Mommy... least that's what I told myself she was thinking. She definately does not like to have her picture taken and this is full proof of that. You either get the head turned the other way, or the definate "glare of defiance". Maybe one day she'll see how cute she really is and let mommy go camera happy.