Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its A ....!

Since Miss T was born 8 weeks early, they've put me on high risk pregnancy this time around. Another words, their just making me go through the hoops to see if there is any reason I went early last time and to see if there is any way they may be able to prevent it this next time around.

So because of this, a 4D ultrasound was taken vs. the average 2D.  Here's an AMAZING picture of our little one at 20 weeks, weighing 12 oz.!

You can see its facial features starting to form and its arms are up along side of the head on both sides.

And it was more than willing to show us...

It's A Boy!!

Now off to start designing the nursery around a boy!!


  1. So thrilled for you! They grow up so fast, my baby boy is 10! M.

  2. Isn't that amazing!! Don't you just love him to pieces already!


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