Thursday, December 2, 2010

Adding Trim to Curtain Panels

Remember when I was all excited about getting my new ironing board cover and mentioned that I was adding some trim to my curtain panels? I did finish them, and here is the finished product...

I know that last picture is terrible lighting, but I couldn't get it to be any better, even with camera adjustments while it was facing the direct light from the window. I originally made these panels from painter's drop cloth. They are such a perfect weight, color and they insulate well, but I thought they needed a little more. I purchased some grosgrain ribbon from Joann's and for a couple of dollars, I succeeded in updating the existing panels. I used the iron on hemming tape so it was EASY to attach!


  1. I use black grosgrain on lots of things, even for tying up long cable cords. Makes them look so much prettier. Great job on the curtains. Snazzy.

  2. I'm your newest happy follower.


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