Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

I know it seems like I'm always making excuses for being MIA lately, but we have seriously been SUPER busy.

I have volunteered and sit on a board for a crisis pregnancy center for the last 7 years and we just returned from our annual Rocky Mountain Counselors Conference in Buena Vista. It is always so beautiful this time of year as the trees are turning and Trails West Young Life, is always an amazing place to stay. I truly enjoy the time of no internet, no phone, no tv...just fun and fellowship with the ladies. It truly gives you a time to reflect, put things into perspective, grow immensly in your faith and of course...a little bit of "me" time away from the hubby and an ever busy toddler.

That's me...on the far left. 

Dear Elise and I. Elise is an amazing young woman. She is 18...on her way to college to major in Journalism and Political Science. This is one young woman who I believe will be part of saving the world...taking the next generation of youth with her. She loves to be on those white house steps and stir things up. With a heart for all of God's creation...I am excited to see what this young woman acheives in her lifetime. Her mom has been the director of the pregnancy center for 17 years and with her and her two brothers all adopted, she has a heart for the unborn and the ones that the mothers have blesssed life with.

Just a great time for reflection and growth...hope you all had a great weekend!

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