Thursday, August 23, 2012

Onward and (Downward)

Downward, Literally. We have finally made the big leap and am closing the door on this chapter of living at nearly 9,000 feet.  Because the market is still on the low side here, after thoughtful prayer, we have decided to rent out our home here in Colorado and move onto our small ranch in Nebraska. We are ready. We are excited. We are terrified. Well, I am anyway. I have never had to move around like my husband previously had, so it is a little overwhelming and awesome all at the same time. But not only are we moving, we will be cutting our home literally in half. Yep, you heard me right. This family of four will be putting our feet up in just over 700 sq. ft. of pure quaint bliss. Do you like how I am trying to see the positive in this? I am. I have to. The Lord has blessed us with this land, more than we could of ever imagined being able to own, so I can sacrifice the square footage of my home for a little while. The outside is what is importance most to us. And when I look out over those rolling hills and can go out and feed the horses and cattle, I will know and can say, I am home.

P.S... If you know me at all, then you know that my mind is like a little hamster wheel working on all of the things I can do to this blank slate of a home and property. I'll keep you updated...

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  1. Can relate to your angst. I am downsizing from almost 1200 square feet to about 200! Moving into a vintage camper and hitting the road, alone, middle-aged and oxygen dependent! I will follow your transition with anticipation of things to come......Thanks for your blog.

  2. We will miss you guys around here! I can sympathize some with the downsizing too...our "new" house is quite a bit smaller than the one we sold and we are still trying to figure the best way to fit ourselves into it. Part of me love having things a bit more simplistic...and as we figure out what works and what to get rid of it will get even better. Hope the same goes for you! I'm glad you guys are getting to realize a dream :)


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