Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nebraska or Bust

It is a beutiful fall season here with the leaves changing and the amazing weather we've had and it has been super crazy around our household lately. My parents just left this morning from a 2 week visit and I am definately going to miss them. I hope that one day we can all live around each other again. I'd love for my kids to grow up with grandparents around...I loved having mine growing up. I still remember my "special jar" of m&m's that my grandma kept for only me in the cuphoard :)

We're on our way this week to visit the in-laws in Nebraska and maybe do a little real estate shopping.  Still no bites on our current home, but we are continuing to pray for guidance and the Lord to open the doors elsewhere if that is His desire...I know He knows ours. But I also want to be content here as well, if His desire is for us to stay...even if it's for a short while.

The wagon picture below I took today while we were driving around looking at the trees turning. They had this wagon in their front I REALLY want one too. My husband, being Mr. Cowboy that he is, noted that he always wanted one in his bedroom as his bed when he was little. That got my design wheels turning...Tate just may end up having a bed that looks like this someday. That is, if he ever has a bedroom big enough for one :)

The leaves, they are a turning...and beautifully as always.

"The person who insists upon seeing with perfect clarity before he or she decides never decides."

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