Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shiny, Frizz Free Hair? Yes, Please!

That's what I was up to last week. I made my way to the city to get a Brazilian Blowout. No, not a brazililan keratin treatment that some salons offer, but the actual Brazilian Blowout. Let me tell ya...this stuff is AMAZING! Post shower, my hair is shiny, frizz free, lays almost perfect, including taming my cowlicks (im not sure how you spell that, so i'm going to do the sound it out preschool thing ;)...all while having some great volume. The real test? Today...went to the pool with the kiddos and hubby, then jumped in the truck and went to Grand Lake for the Art Festival...grabbed some lunch...came home and took a nap...and it never really looked any different from when I first combed it...and that's all ive had to do with it so far. Not to mention, no more tangles when I'm out of the shower.  They say the curl will stay nicely too, so that's my next attempt...but so far...I'm.In.Love.

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