Thursday, March 10, 2011

An "Aha!" Moment

From our Kitchen Remodel

I'm not one to really quote other blogs, but this one I could not resist. As I was reading a recent post from The Shabby Nest, who was describing why she obsesses over decorating so much...I had that "aha" moment when it finally clicked. THE answer. The one I've been searching for for so long...the same feeling that I've felt, when others just seem to roll their eyes at you with that "whatever floats your boat" look...the explaination I try to find to tell my husband why after loving something for so long, I now want something different. An answer to the feeling you get when you stumble across another's blog or devour over a picture in a magazine and it clicks...I want that. I have to have that. I don't think I can sleep until I figure out a budget friendly way to make that. 

So this my dear the explanation from The Nester and The Shabby Nest.

Enjoy...and I hope it may shed some light or give you your own personal "aha" moment.

"...A couple of weeks ago, the Nester did a series of posts on thrifting and buying things just because they are "a good deal". In the final post she brought up an interesting point. She asked if it's wrong to enjoy a pretty house. And her answer was "not at all". An answer, that I wholeheartedly agree with. She went on to point out that house tweaking - as I like to call it - is not a sign of discontentment for her. And then she said something very eloquent (so I'm going to quote her directly.)"

"Nobody accuses the writer who is restless with the pen and a blank page of trying find her contentment in the wrong place. Is the singer who changes the arrangement, the pianist who craves the keys, the painter who tweaks the canvas, the collector searching for that one last treasure, the songwriter who paces the floor waiting for the perfect words, are they looking for meaning and contentment in all the wrong places simply based on what they are passionate about? Is it about time they smartened up and stopped wasting their time? No one would dare accuse them of such. I think they are created to pursue their art."

"That was my "Aha!" moment. It made me think about myself and my own desire for a beautiful home. And how that may be interpreted as materialism or discontent. But it isn't. It's my form of art..."

The Ottoman that we built

Who knew? That my obsession was a form of art...the same obsession that I have been guilty of criticizing my husband for since he's an artist and his wheels are ALWAYS turning...The same one I have had to tell myself that sometimes artistic people just look at things a little differently than the norm...The same one I criticize but am so thankful for that he can dream up and build anything he puts his mind to...Yep, that's me...The one who has finally accepted that my obsession may just be MY form of art...The one who did indeed...marry an artist.  Aha!


  1. That is a very good way to put it. This is our way of expressing ourselves, our art so to speek.

    Stay in bed and rest. How nice to have people wait on you!


  2. Love this post! I totally agree with you and I think I had my aha moment when I did my first redesign for a client (this is where we go in and using a homeowner's current furnishings, re-invented their home). I left there on the biggest high. My husband could not understand it. The only thing I could say was, "It feels the same way it does when I buy something new for our house!" I realized then, that I am not obsessed with my home, I just love design!!! Great thoughts!!! M.

  3. Love this post too! Interesting way to put it. And since most people don't understand, I think we're so much harder on ourselves. Great food for thought. :D


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