Friday, June 25, 2010

Lets Be Honest

After seeing other blogs with their cute little daughter's in dresses and flowers, looking all clean, prim and proper and just enjoying the day with their watermelon, I come to this conclusion...Where's the dirt? Where's the old cracker stuck to their cheeks? Where is the farmer tan from always being outside? So lets be honest...This is my daughter. Here is her picture from helping daddy last night in the yard and she always insists that she wear her hat. Her mudd boots must be worn at least once on a daily basis. If she doesn't wear them to the daycare, she puts them on when she gets home. So here she is...all in her true self...looking anything but clean and prim and proper...and mommy couldn't be more proud and full of love for this blessing that the Lord has given her!

" Love in it's purest form"...(from the "Last Song", Nicolas Sparks)

(The patio and fire pit is what dear hubby is working's getting there!)


  1. I have many pictures like these from when my daughter was little. She always had sweaty (sp?) curls, usually a hat and a big smile. I have to admit...I wouldn't have minded a cute tutu picture! LOL!

  2. She is SO cute Becky! She's got it all, the pretty hair, the super cute face, and the mud! Love it.


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