Monday, July 18, 2011

Microburst or Tornado

A few weeks ago, we had a storm of wind come through, which they call Microbursts, due to we live at elevation of 8,500 ft. Anywhere else and I think they'd just call it a tornado. We didn't get any damage to our house, although we would of loved to make a roofing claim since as I type, my husband, his brother and dad are all reroofing our house, since it hasn't been done in about 15 years. We're ready to TRY to put it on the market, so this is just one of the few things still needing to be done. Darn the luck, that some of our neighbors got to file claims, but not us. But in all, we feel very blessed that we are all ok and that no one in the County got hurt due to this storm. Things can be replaced, but not lives. 

Trees down everywhere, even the old ones with deep roots.

Down the street from us, the High School lost their roof.

New barn colapses.

Aspens down everywhere, especially up high at tree line. So many were lost. 

I've been ordering fabrics for a few upcoming projects and some new udpates to the home. I'll post details later this week. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. That thing sounds so crazy! I know my parents were cleaning up after it for a few weeks...maybe still!
    Glad you guys didn't have much damage!


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