Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Land of the Living

Back to the land of the living (sigh).  I've been having a hard time getting too much done other than feeding, changing diapers, feeding again and slipping some sleep in there. It definately made having just my daughter feel like a piece a cake after having to juggle a three year old and a newborn...all while trying to get back to the land of the living...the place where others are out and about daily...the place where sewing just for fun is...the place where you have time to even think about home projects that are needing and wanting to be done. 

Remember when I said that I managed to paint the black door one day while the kiddos were asleep? Well here she is all in her black glory.  I was waiting to dress her up a bit with a newly made wreath or a very substantial door knocker (on the wish list), but *ahem* its been a little crazy around here and I am missing my blog land, so here it is...plain and simple.  It's amazing to me though, the compliments we've received on how it changed the look of the house, just from changing it from white to black.  How about you...what color is your front door? What do you adorn it with?


  1. Nice! Hang in does get easier :) Our front door is beige...we have the gel stain for it...its been sitting in the closet for 3 years. (sigh)

  2. Our door is kind of a maroonish, or deeeeep red. I have a wreath on it and a bird that made a nest on the top of it. Two eggs just hatched!

    Don't worry, things will get better. Just make sure you get rest, and some time to yourself when hubby comes home.



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