Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do You Do...Red?

I have to admit, I have never been a huge fan of red. While I know that all colors appeal to different people in different ways, no matter how many times I have tried to use red in my home, it's never really set well with me...never really felt like...well, ME. 

I think red can be one of the harder colors to work with as well. It can easily give you a very modern, sharp look, vintage charm...or country chicken in a second.

But after seeing this home from House Beautiful, some of the rooms appealed to me.

While the red in this room is the dominant eye is instantly drawn to that vintage wicker trunk at the end of the bed...HOW I WANT YOU.  I love the mix of textures in this picture.

I love the use of the books with one simple painting on this dresser. While utilizing storage, it's a no fuss way to do a simple display, without a lot of fussy knick knacks, which I have a hard time with. I'm a person of need, so if it just looks useless, I have a hard time displaying it.

A simple and beautiful white country kitchen, with just a FEW touches of red. I think the hardware in combination with the floor really makes this space.

A seren white and grey bedroom, with just a subtle touch of red. Notice the texture the simple jute rug adds to the space.

I love this window nook. The details with the ceiling and the floors, the chandelier, the fabrics and the natural texture...very easy and comforting.

Then this outside space of all the trees, with of course a red and white hammock. While I would love to lounge in this, I have a hard time picturing myself lounging very long or quietly with a toddler running around and another one on the way.  Maybe if they're busy playing outside in the trees like I used to when I was little or enjoying some daddy time while mommy rests...hey, I can dream!  

Images via House Beautiful


  1. you must be feeling like me.... i am not a red person but lately have seenit in little doses everywhere and have been loving it! especially the coral toned reds... so summery!

  2. I love the pictures! Great rooms.


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