Friday, April 23, 2010

Kitchen In Progress

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but we have been so busy with the kitchen remodel. But the good news is: The kitchen is almost complete! The cabinets are retrimmed and painted, hardware just came in, the chandeliers are up and are looking lovely all repurposed...If I do say so myself! I was able to get them for free from a person that was repurposing an old building from the early 1900's in Idaho Springs, and she gave them both to me for FREE off of craigslist. That is after all, my kind of budget! They ended up working great, excellent wiring and all. I'm waiting for my new faucet to come in...I have to admit this drove me batty. I was really set on an industrial faucet for our kitchen, but I didn't want one that was 28" high like most of them. I like the view from our kitchen window and wanted to accent to it, not draw from it. So...I finally found this faucet that is only 18.5" high, so a perfect height and ordered it in a chrome finish, to keep the classic flow going through the kitchen. I liked the classic line of the handles vs. most of the contemporary feel ones that I've seen. I am after all, still a farmgirl at heart. The hubby did inform me that this faucet reminded me of when he used to do dishes at the El Monte back in high school. Good! He'll already know how to use it then!! I'll update the full kitchen soon...but this weekend we're heading back to Nebraska to visit the inlaws. we come!!

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